GraphQL Conf 2023

GraphQL Conf 2023

A glimpse into the future of GraphQL! 🚀

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A Photo from GraphQL Conf 2023 GraphQLConf 2023 wasn't just another tech conference; it was a groundbreaking event hosted by the GraphQL Foundation. Bursting with riveting workshops, enlightening talks, and interactive sponsor booths, this conference was a deep dive into the ever-evolving world of GraphQL.

GraphQL Conf 2023 Gone are the days when GraphQL was just for UI developers. This year's theme revolved around the long-term vision of GraphQL and its seamless integration into backend architecture. It was all about the bigger picture!

Workshops & Talks Highlights

  • Is GraphQL BFF Necessary: An electrifying discussion led by Tanmay from Hasura, as he unravels the significance of the BFF layer in the era after ReactJS. One profound takeaway?

    GraphQL isn't just a fleeting tactic for instant gains—it's a visionary strategy that propels businesses toward unparalleled success!

  • Interactive GraphQL with Envoy & Kubernetes: The team from showcased the magic of adding GraphQL to an envoy gateway. It's all about giving clients more power while retaining essential gateway features.

  • The Future of Efficiency: Benjie Gillam's talk was a rollercoaster! He introduced grafast, a new GraphQL execution engine that optimizes data loading through query planning. One to watch!

  • Rethinking Rate Limiting: Meenakshi Dhanani from Postman took us on a journey through the intricacies of rate-limiting GraphQL queries. Traditional methods? Not so effective. Enter query cost analysis!

  • GraphQL Fusion Unveiled: Michael Staib from ChilliCream introduced GraphQL Fusion, a revolutionary approach to building distributed GraphQL APIs. The future of federating GraphQL APIs is looking bright!

  • The Null Saga: Stephen Spalding from Netflix delved into the history of 'null' and introduced the Client Controlled Nullability proposal. A game-changer for GraphQL clients, we are definitely looking forward to this one!

  • The Right Size for GraphQL: Theo Browne's presentation was an eye-opener. He introduced us to scenarios where tRPC might be a better fit than GraphQL.

  • Data Load 3.0: Jens from Wundergraph talked about the massive performance gains one could potentially get by using a BFS algorithm in data loaders.

Unconference Session: Where Everyone's a Speaker!

This was our first time to such a thing. The conference kicked off with a dynamic unconference session. Everyone in attendance brainstormed discussion topics grouped them, and then dove deep into discussions. Our table delved into the multifaceted world of "Federation" - merging multiple GraphQL graphs into a supergraph. The consensus? The journey towards a supergraph is filled with challenges, but with tools like the Open Federation spec and GraphQL Fusion, the future looks promising!

Networking & Global Connections

One of the highlights of GraphQLConf 23 was the global representation. Meeting tech enthusiasts from the Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Romania, and more was truly inspiring. Special shoutout to Gerard Klijs from AxonIQ for his unique take on CQRS and GraphQL!


Did you miss out on some sessions? No worries! All the talks are available on the GraphQL Foundation's YouTube channel. Dive in and get inspired!

GraphQLConf 2023 was more than just a conference for us; it was an experience. Here's to the future of GraphQL and the endless possibilities it holds! 🎉